Unique Products

  • Rare Textures:  Our creams are creamier, our scrub is fluffy, our masks silky.
  • Uncommon product forms:  No liquid cleansers. No gels. No serums.
  • Pure formulations:  The fewest ingredients possible, many organic, no added fragrance, parabens, sulfates.
  • No chasing trends:  We have more than 50 years of proven results!

A Special Way to use them

  • We will teach you our special cleansing method that is like no other.
  • One minute each morning
  • One minute each evening
  • That’s all there is to it!

Tradition Passed Down through generations

  • The Simone France tradition is passed down from grandmothers to daughters to granddaughters
  • People who try our products stay with us for their lifetime.
  • Because you can’t find skincare like this anywhere else!

Who is Simone France and Why Should You Believe What She Says

Simone France is the renowned French skincare expert Vogue magazine once called "Manhattan's last beauty secret."

For more than 50 years, Simone worked alone from a modest midtown Manhattan salon, giving facials and advice to behind-the-scenes beauty insiders.

Everyone from dancers to the supermodels of that time (Cindy Crawford, Amber Valetta, Elle McPhersson, Naomi Campbell) to make up artists who now have their own product lines (Laura Mercier, Francois Nars, Sue Devitt, Sonia Kahsuk) came to Simone seeking her unique products and method.

You will see and feel the difference the first time you use it!

The Simone France Philosophy

"What you take off your skin is more important than what you put on it."

"It's all about the way you clean your skin."

"Most skin problems are self-created and they can be self-corrected."

Whether your skin is too dry, too oily or too sensitive, the cause if almost always improper cleansing. Improper cleansing leads to the real problem that most people have: Skin that is dry on the surface with varying degrees of oiliness and impurities building up underneath, leading to more and more problems over time.

When skin is cleansed with the unique Simone France method, surface dryness, fine lines, excess oil and blemishes disappear and your skin will become smoother, healthier, more beautiful and radiant. The longer you stay on the system, the better your skin will become.

The method of using the products is just as important as the products themselves. Just follow her system for a few minutes each day. You will be amazed by the results.

Our Tradition

The Simone France Skincare tradition is handed down from mothers to daughters to granddaughters.

A simple, daily common-sense cleansing and moisturizing system that works in harmony with the skin’s natural processes that works for every age, every skin type, every skin problem.

We don’t follow trends. Simone found what works over 50 years ago and it is just as effective today as it ever was. Just as she cared for one face at a time in her NYC studio, we are here for you, now and as your skin's needs might change over time.

You won't find skincare like this anywhere else. 

We guarantee it!