Body Care Kit - Limited Edition!


The Body Care Kit includes two of our favorites packaged for gift-giving. Everyone deserves this body treatment for a lifetime of soft, healthy, younger-looking radiance from head to toe. This kit includes everything you need for daily gentle exfoliation and moisturizing.

Body Buff, our new lemon verbena scented sugar scrub, provides gentle exfoliation. Rinse it to leave an ultra-light layer of natural moisturizers on your skin, or wash it off completely if you prefer. It will not leave a slippery residue in your shower.

Body Glow is a rich, moisturizing body lotion in the true Simone France tradition. Following Body Buff, it will nourish your skin from head to toe and leave it silky and glowing. Free of any artificial or added fragrance, our luxurious, all-natural body moisturizer has a delicate, clean scent that disappears in seconds.

Included in this gift package is our new, gentle hand sanitizer, Safe Hands RX. 

Our Limited Edition Body Care Kit includes:

*8 oz Body Buff

*8 oz Body Glow

*2 oz Safe Hand RX - our new hand sanitizer!

*Gift Bag and Gift Card


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