About Us


Simone France is the renowned French-born skin care expert whose healing hands and top-of-the-line products have cared for some of the world's most beautiful faces. In 1999 Simone met beauty editor and publicist Penny Kjellberg and together they took Simone’s unique philosophy and method to the beauty magazines and began selling her products on the internet. (We have been available online since 1999!)

What used to be available only with a facial from Simone (if you were lucky enough to get one) was suddenly available to everyone and the company was an immediate success. It was so successful that Penny and Simone couldn’t handle it by themselves, so Penny’s sister-in-law, Sally Riddles, joined the two entrepreneurs and took charge of company operations. 


In 2006 Simone sold the product company to Sally, and today it is owned and operated by Sally and her sister-in-law, Jean Kjellberg. We remain committed to providing quality products and premier customer service.

We are a family business in every sense of the word! Even our customers are family – they pass our skin care philosophy and daily regimen from grandmothers to mothers to granddaughters.