Simone France is the renowned French-born skin care expert whose healing hands and top-of-the-line products have cared for some of the world's most beautiful faces. In the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s she built a cult-like following while giving facials to Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Iman, Kirsty Hume, Amber Valetta, Vendela, Julie Kent, Verushka, Elle MacPherson and thousands of women who came to her for advice and treatment. Famed hairstylists and make up artists such as Laura Mercier, Francois Nars, Sue Devitt and Rex, also on Simone France's client roster, regularly recommended her. While many celebrities are paid to endorse product lines, Simone's famous customers have never been paid spokespeople. Simone France has been their private, personal choice for their own skin care. 


In 1999 Simone met beauty editor and publicist Penny Kjellberg and together they took Simone’s unique Sandwich to the beauty magazines and began selling her products on the internet. What used to be available only with a facial from Simone (if you were lucky enough to get one) was suddenly available to everyone and the company was an immediate success. It was so successful that Penny and Simone couldn’t handle it by themselves, so Penny’s sister-in-law, Sally Riddles, joined the two entrepreneurs and took charge of company operations. 


In 2006 Simone sold the product company to Sally, and today it is owned and operated by Sally and her sister-in-law, Jean Kjellberg.  We are a family business in every sense of the word!  Even our customers are family – they pass our skin care philosophy and daily regimen from grandmothers to mothers to granddaughters.


The company remains true to Simone’s roots as a professional aesthetician, caring for one face at a time.  We don’t chase trends.  We stick with what we know works. We hope you will find your skincare home with us – we will always be here to greet you and have exactly what you came for.