(NEW) Blemish Control Bundle

Say Goodbye to Blemishes with Our Blemish Control Bundle

Achieve clear and flawless skin with our Blemish Control Bundle, a powerful combination of four specially curated products designed to target and treat blemishes effectively. Nourish and protect your skin with the Light Moisture Cream, while the Blemish Erase ointment works wonders on facial blemishes and soothes skin after waxing or electrolysis. Experience luxurious spa-like benefits with the Green With Envy Clay Mask, enriched with French Montmorillonite clay. Finally, Instant Radiance, Simone's personal favorite, gently exfoliates and brightens the skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion.


  • Light Moisture Cream2 oz
  • Blemish Erase1/2 oz
  • Green With Envy Clay Mask, 2 oz
  • Instant Radiance, 2 oz


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